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Low-energy IoT sensor, suitable for securing a garage, cottage, apartment, office, or office or other commercial space. It has an extra long battery life of up to 10 years.


UNIOR ALARM monitors movement in the protected area with the help of a PIR sensor. Detects the opening of doors or windows using magnetic contacts. In addition, it monitors the temperature.


The big advantage is easy installation and commissioning within a minute. The device sends all collected information about the violation of the guarded area to the cloud. You can browse statistics and collected data. When the selected values ​​are exceeded, motion is detected, etc., the device sends a message or notification to a mobile phone or computer. Movement messages can be sent to a mobile phone for FREE in the form of an SMS message or an SMS e-mail service.


Advantages over the competition:

  • double secures against theft,

  • easy installation without an expert,

  • extreme battery life up to 10 years,

  • independent of electricity sources,

  • free mobile notification,

  • uninterruptible by GSM jammer,

  • portable device.


Examples of use:

  • guarding the garden hut,

  • security of garage, cottage, apartment, office,

  • control of access to storage premises.



  • network type: SIGFOX

  • tariff: Silver (50 messages / day)

  • frequency: 868 MHz

  • size of sending unit: 120 x 50 x 30 mm

  • low weight (with battery): 136 g

  • battery: 1x CR123A (included)

  • Battery life: up to 10 years / 15,000 messages

  • protection: IP63

  • operating temperature of the device: -30 ° C to +75 ° C

  • temperature measuring range: -30 ° C to +75 ° C

  • measurement deviations: internal temperature: ± 2 ° C

  • motion detection: PIR up to 12 m

  • cable length: 25 cm - magnetic contact

* Battery life depends on the number of messages sent.



Low purchase price ● easy installation and commissioning ● works without SIM, Wifi, Bluetooth ● FREE web application ● FREE first YEAR OF OPERATION.


The web application allows you to: send notifications about detected motion + send notifications of opening / closing + clearly monitor measured quantities + display data in clear graphs + work with acquired data.

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