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Low-energy IoT sensor with battery life of up to 10 years. Suitable for securing a garage, cottage, apartment, office or other commercial space.

UNIOR Security monitors movement in the protected area using a PIR sensor. The smoke sensor detects a fire, both by an acoustic signal and by sending online information. The device monitors the temperature and monitors the humidity in the room. It comprehensively provides space.

The big advantage is easy installation and commissioning within a minute. The device sends all collected information about the violation of the guarded area to the cloud. You can browse statistics and collected data in a web application. When the selected values ​​are exceeded, motion is detected, etc., the device sends a message or notification to a mobile phone or computer. Movement messages can be sent to a mobile phone for FREE in the form of an SMS message or an SMS email service.

UNIOR Security works on an Internet of Things network called Sigfox. UNIOR is protected against signal interference by GSM jammers. The data are available in the web application, which is FREE. The first year of operation of the facility is FREE, in the next period the connectivity is charged according to the selected SILVER tariff CZK 499 / year (CZK 1.50 / day) including VAT.

Advantages over the competition:

  • secure against theft and fire,

  • easy installation without an expert,

  • battery life: up to 10 years / 15,000 messages

  • independent of electricity sources,

  • free mobile notification,

  • uninterruptible by GSM jammer,

  • portable device.

Examples of use:

  • guarding the garden hut,

  • comprehensive security of the garage, apartment against theft, fire and humidity,

  • access control and security of company premises.

Low purchase price ★ easy installation and commissioning ★ works without SIM, Wifi, Bluetooth ★ FREE web application ★ FREE first YEAR OF OPERATION.


The Web application allows you to: send SOS notification about fire + to send notifications of temperature and humidity + transparently monitor measured values + display data in synoptic charts + work with acquired data + check battery status and signal.

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