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Low energy IoT temperature sensor. Suitable for measuring the temperature online in places without a power source. The battery lasts up to 10 years.


Sends reports on the current temperature in the set time interval (from 30 minutes to 12 days). UNIOR TEMP measures the temperature with a waterproof sensor in a metal housing (on a 3 m long cable).


It is ideal for use in bulk mixtures, liquids, soil or compost. The second sensor measures the temperature inside the device to compare the temperature difference.

You can set a notification in the application when the temperature limits are exceeded. Messages about exceeding the temperature limit can be sent to a mobile phone FREE OF CHARGE in the form of an SMS message or the SMS e-mail service.

Installation of the device is very easy and intuitive. Thanks to its small size, the UNIOR is easily portable not only in the home, but also in the garden, greenhouse, etc.

UNIOR Temp works on the Sigfox Internet of Things network. The data are available for FREE in the web application , which is FREE. The first year of operation of the facility is FREE, in the next period the connectivity is charged according to the selected SILVER tariff CZK 499 / year (CZK 1.50 / day) including VAT.


Advantages over the competition:

  • easy installation without an expert,

  • independent of electricity sources,

  • free mobile notification,

  • uninterruptible by GSM jammer,

  • portable device.


Examples of use:

  • temperature monitoring in liquids,

  • temperature measurement of technological processes in industry,

  • temperature monitoring in refrigerated and frozen vehicles,

  • temperature monitoring within the HACCP system,

  • monitoring the temperature of hives,

  • protection against freezing of tanks, swimming pools,

  • control of the environmental environment.



  • Network type: Sigfox,

  • tariff: Silver (50 messages / day),

  • frequency: 868 MHz,

  • size of sending unit: 120 x 50 x 30 mm,

  • low weight (with battery): 176 g,

  • battery: 1x CR123A (included),

  • Battery life: up to 10 years / 15,000 messages

  • protection: IP65,

  • operating temperature of the device: -30 ° C to +75 ° C,

  • internal temperature measurement range (deviation): -30 ° C to +75 ° C (± 2 ° C),

  • external temperature measuring range (deviation): -55 ° C to +125 ° C (± 0.5 ° C)

  • motion detection: PIR up to 12 m,

  • cable length: 3 m - external temperature sensor.

Extreme battery life ★ easy installation and commissioning ★ works without SIM, Wifi, Bluetooth ★ independent of power sources ★ FREE web application ★ FREE first YEAR OF OPERATION.

UNIOR TEMP teplotní čidlo


Unior TEMP

The Web application allows you to: send notifications about temperatures + transparently monitor measured values + display data in graphs + work with acquired data + check battery status and signal.

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