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Revolutionary low power consumption GPS tracking  system.

We are introducing revolutionary GPS tracking system. Track and guard your personal or company assets, valuables, parcels and luggages. No SIM card required, No battery charging for years. Autonomous low-power, plug & play tracking solution. Tracker sends position data, battery status and tempreature via low-power network SIGFOX. Tracker comes with free secured application where data are graphically displayed. Thanks to its numerous dedicated energy saving algorithms, it is a highly energy efficient solution for managing, tracking and securing non-powered assets for years. Device combines small size, low weight and unique autonomy which convencional trackers cannot offer.


Application features:

  • current position

  • tracking history

  • geofencing

  • movement detection

  • battery status

  • temperature



  • car, motorbike, ship, aeroplane etc

  • child and senior

  • pets, livestocks

  • practically all things or assets

  • battery life affects number of sent messages

Main Features:

  • GPS & Sigfox Atlas Geolocation, real-time tracking

  • autonomy: up to 3 years battery status alert, replaceable  battery

  • resistant to interference and jamming 

  • PWA WebApp (Android & iOS) & web interface

  • emperature charts & alertseofencing, treal-time tracking (position update max. 10min), Location history, gself-configurable,  Geo-fences, Notifications & alerts

  • GNSS Receiver with active antenna

  • high-Performance, Low-Current SIGFOX

  • ultra-low power 3D Accelerometer

  • operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +60°C

  • 78×48×24mm, weigh: 56g including battery,

*Battery life affects number of sent messages.

Made in the Czech Republic.


Portable, mobile ♥ battery life up to 10 years* ♥ does not need SIM ♥ app ♥ independent on Wifi and Bluetooth


Unior TEMP

Application features: current position + tracking history + geofencing + movement detection + battery status + temperature



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