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Universal Sensor


Siotech Universal Sensor is a revolutionary low-energy device, a multifunctional tool. Unior has an integrated temperature sensor and many options for connecting peripherals. Measured quantities and other information will be sent to the application at the specified interval, after exceeding the set limit or pressing the button. You can connect almost whatever analog periphery with 0-10V output. Unior can be set up by the downlink message.

It informs you about the status of your property remotely. If necessary, warn of emerging danger or threat (eg: flood, fire, humidity, intrusion...).

Sensor does not require any SIM card, Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity. It works without battery recharging for many years. The Unior is connected to the SIGFOX global network. Data is accessible through a secure web application. The sensor has very low operating costs. Ultra-low-power devices combine the small size, low weight, functionality and autonomy.

Fields of application:

  • Smart city: PIR motion sensor, magnet, laser barrier, air quality

  • Logistics: weight, distance, gyroscope, accelerometer

  • Industry: power, current, voltage, flow, level, pressure, resistance

  • Agriculture: humidity, temperature, precipitation, fertilizer consumption

  • Safety: smoke detection, flood detection, door/window sensors

  • Management: attendance and organizational system, switches (relays)


The sensor measures / is connectable to:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Pressure (liquid, gas, air)

  • Weighing

  • Distance

  • Wifi Module

  • Bluetooth module

  • Motion sensor

  • Door/Window Sensors

  • Measurement of voltage and current

  • RFID sensor (can be used also as an immobilizer or attendance system for small businesses)

  • Flow meter

  • On / Off state sensing

  • Relay switch

  • Smoke Detector and more

Technical parameters:

  • Digital Inputs/Outputs 18x

  • Analog inputs 10-bit ADC 7x in multiplex with external reference voltage

  • I2C bus

  • SPI


  • Built-in button

  • Signaling diodes

  • Accelerometer

  • Internal temperature

  • Battery voltage

  • Crystal-controlled time base

  • Removable battery (additional batteries can be attached for extended durability)

  • One battery life is approximately 15,000 messages (depending on the connected periphery)

* Battery life depends on the number of messages sent.


Portable, mobile ♥ battery life up to 10 years* ♥ does not need SIM ♥ app ♥ independent on Wifi and Bluetooth

GPS tracker industrial


Measures temperature, humidity, pressure, distance, voltage and many other quantities.



A collected data is shown in the application and are ready for use.



Absolutely independent on GSM network. Its signal is almost impossible to jam.



Battery life up to 10 years (without charging). After 10 years you can change battery easily.



Operating costs are significantly lower in comparison with other currently used technologies.



IoT solutions can help you connect, monitor and manage your assets remotely. Discover more about Internet of things.

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